Ductile Iron Pipes

Qemam Al-Deyyar provides a wide range of ductile iron pipes.Their good mechanical properties, in addition to highly durability and strength, make them ideal for high pressure applications.These pipes are covered with special external coatings to ensure that they can withstand different environ mental conditions.Ductile iron pipes are used extensively in systems transporting potable water, industrial water, irrigation water, pressure sewage. Qemam Al-Deyyar havings ductile iron pipes in diameters ranging from 80mm to 2600 mm, together with fittings.


Today, Qemam Al-Deyyar markets a wider range of pipe products than any other supplier, and provides a total solution to customers fluid transfer needs, designed to optimize the applied technology and costs. The Group serves municipal , civil engineering, industrial, energy, and agricultural markets world wide, supporting global infrastructure development. The comprehensive renge of Qemam Al-Deyyar products includes pipes and accessories for water, sewage, hydro-power, gas, oil services, construction, engineering, municipal, industrial, agricultural, and marine applicatoins.

Pipe System Products: